Setting up Hourly Pay for Part-Timers

Even if you have monthly paid Employees you can set an hourly rate for Part-Timers as well. Here is the guide.


Step 1: You will need to login to JustLogin system

Step 2: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 3: Click on configuration.png

Step 4: Go to payroll_2.png tab

Step 5: Click ot_rates.png

Step 6: In the OT RATES page make sure the following are enabled:


The above information will be needed for the hourly computation worked by the Employee.

Step 7: Still in the OT RATES page, please set the rate to 1 for Actual Hr, this is the multiplier of the pay set for the Employee.


Step 8: Finally set the formula also to BasicPay (no space) for Actual Hour Rate


Step 9: Please go to Payroll admin.png

Step 10: Click on salary_progression.png

Step 11: Look for the name of the staff who is getting paid on an hourly basis and click on the eye.png icon under the Actions column

Step 12: Complete the fields, including the hourly rate of the staff and click add.png

Step 13: Please return to Payroll admin.png and look for the name of the staff who is getting paid on an hourly basis, click on the eye.png icon. You will be brought the the staff's Pay Information page.

Step 14: Scroll down to the Working hours and OT section, input the number of hours the Employee worked on the actual hours portion. The value will be computed by the system and will be displayed in the gray area beside the number of hours.


Step 15: If the value is correct, click on the save2.png icon to add the pay element to the staff's pay information.

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