OCBC Bank File Format


The bank file submission format depends on when your Effective Transfer Date (also called the value date) is from Today’s Date. If you already know the transfer date, please login to the system.


Step 1: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on file_generation.png

Step 3: Then go to the bank_files.pngtab at the top.

Step 4: Complete all the details relevant to your company's bank account information

  • If the transfer date is the same as Today’s Date, then please do the following:
    While in the BANK PORTAL, please choose mceclip4.png or mceclip5.png
  • If the transfer date is in the future or the next day from today, please choose:
    In the BANK PORTAL, choose mceclip7.png

Step 5: Fill in the other details as needed and click generate_file.png

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