How to Refresh the Pay Elements Available on the Staffs' Pay Information Page

There might be instances when you deem it necessary to re-set or remove the pay elements that are appearing on your staffs' pay information page. There are 2 options that you can take, and each will be discussed in this article.

Option 1 - Use Mass Edit Pay Elements

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 3: Click on admin.png

Step 4: You will be brought to the Employees Pay Details page. On the upper right area, please click on mass_edit.png

Step 5: Click on it one more time: view_all_pay_elements.png . You will then see all the different pay elements available on your system and the list of staff.

Step 6: Clear all fields that you’d like to be removed from the pay information of the employee. Once you have cleared each field, the system will automatically save the changes. 

Option 2 - Use the Import Function

Step 1: On the Employee Pay Details Page, click on import_pay_elements.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip5.png

Step 3: You will then get an Excel file that contains the names of your employees and the different pay elements available in your system. Please refer to the image below:


Step 4: Clear all the fields of the pay elements that you’d like to be removed or put 0 value. Save the template. 

Step 5: Drop the file into the import pay elements page then hit the import.pngbutton


Step 6: Once the import has completed, you will get a notification that import has been successful.


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