How to Import Leave Records


This guide will show how to import the leave data into the system. This is best for different dates and/or different No Of Days. This will also work if the administrator would like to upload the historical leave data into the system.

Note: This will not check the staff's working week, please verify if the Employee is working on the said day.


Step 1: Log in to the account

Step 2: Go to leave.png

Step 3: Click on configuration.png

Step 4: Click on the import_leave_records.png tab at the top

Step 5: Click on download_template.png The template looks like the sample image below:


Step 6: Complete the template based on the guide below:


Step 7: Save the template. Return to the Import Leave Records page, click on "Drop File Here" field so you can choose the file that you just completed and saved in your computer39.png

Step 8: You will see this icon once you have chosen the correct file: 44.png

Step 9: Click on the import2.png button

Step 10: Select which sheet in the Excel file your data is in by ticking the radio button sheet.png

Step 11: Click on submit3.png

Step 12: The system will collect the data in the Excel template. Click on confirm_action.png

Step 13: You will then be able to preview the data based on the template you have uploaded. To confirm that what is in the preview is correct, click on submit3.png If the data in the preview is wrong, you can choose other options 45.png

Note: Error may be encountered if the header does not match, or you may have changed the header in the template

Step 14: The system will verify the data. Errors and reason for the error will be displayed if any. If no errors, click submit3.png

Step 15: The list of entries from your data will be displayed to confirm the import has been a SUCCESS


Step 16: Click on close.pngwhen done.

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