How to Update OT hours in Payroll?


There are 2 ways to import OT hours in the Payroll module. You can choose to do either of the options presented below:


Import the OT pay elements in Payroll

Step 1: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Go to admin.png

Step 3: Select the "Process OT" tab at the top


Step 4: Click on the Process OT sub-tab


Step 5: Click on the "Import OT Hours" button


Step 6: Download the template


Step 7: The template looks similar to the image below. Please complete the template


Step 8: Once the template has been completed, save the file and drop it into the field


Step 9: Click on mceclip11.png

Option 2:

Manually add the OT hours under Employee’s pay information. Here’s how:

Part 1: Check if the Working hours and OT field are enabled

Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on configuration.png

Step 3: Select the mceclip13.pngtab at the top

Step 4: Click on mceclip14.pngsub-tab

Step 5: Put a tick in the box for Display in Pay Information and Process OT


Step 6: Please do not forget to click on mceclip16.pngonce done.

Part 2: Input the OT hours for each of the staff

Step 1: Click on mceclip17.png

Step 2: Go to admin.png

Step 3: You will see the list of staff in your system. Search for the name of the staff you need to update the OT hours for and click on the mceclip19.pngicon under the actions column

Step 4: You will be brought to the staff's pay information page. Scroll down, look for Working hours and OT and enter the number of hours into the appropriate fields


Step 5: Once done, click on the mceclip21.pngicon.

Step 6: You will then see the OT hours updated under the Additions column of the staff's Pay information page:


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