New Payrun Dashboard

The New Payrun Dashboard is the same Payrun Dashboard as the earlier version, but with more information and access to tasks that may be needed to be processed along with your staffs’ pay. Let’s look at the different sections of the new payrun dashboard:



Current Payrun – this will display the number of days left to do the payrun for the current month. This is based on the settings you have indicated in your Payroll Configuration. If you have updated your staffs’ pay information, you can click on Run Payroll button to do a payrun.


Employees Summary – this will show the number of payroll users in your system. The total Employees number includes new hires and resignees. You can click on the number above Total Employees to update your staffs’ pay information


Payrun Process – where you can see the graph that displays the status of the payrun for the month. This is also where you can generate the bank file, CPF file and release the payslip to your staff.


To Do List – displays the tasks that are needed to be processed along with the staffs’ pay for the month. This includes No Pay Leaves taken, Overtime pays, Expense claims (the information displayed here are directly taken from the related modules of JustLogin)


Scroll down to the lower portion of the New Payrun Dashboard and you will see the Payroll Cost Summary. This is a good reference for manpower planning and budget planning


You can filter the values displayed based on the information you want to see for costing purposes:


Payroll Reports – after doing the payrun, you can easily generate the reports that you need in this section

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