Pay element not reflected in the payrun

The Pay Element may have been set as 'recurring' for a specific period of time only. 

Step 1: Log in to the account.

Step 2: Go to PAYROLL.png .

Step 3: Click on configuration.png .

Step 4: Under payroll_2.png tab, click on pay_elements.png sub-tab.

Step 5: Locate the pay element that was not reflected and click on the eye.png icon to see the settings.

Step 6: Check if the 'Recurring' is set and if the time period has expired. 


If you want to keep the Pay Element to reflect every month, it would be better to untick the recurring box. 



To ensure the updated pay element is selected:

Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png .

Step 2: Click on admin.png

Step 3: Under employee_pay_details.png look for the name of the staff and click the pencil_icon.png

Step 4: On the update_pay_info.png page, check if the pay element has already been added. If not yet, click the dropdown on the additions column.


Step 5: Select the pay element and click Add. 


* If it has been previously added, remove and re-add it to make sure the updated setting is followed.

Once the pay element has been added, you may proceed to process a new payrun.

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