Multi-Bank Account Credit of Salary

In today's fast-paced world, flexibility and convenience are key considerations for employees when it comes to managing their finances. One such convenience is the ability to split the salary into two different bank accounts.

This feature allows employees to designate a portion of their salary to be deposited into one bank account and another portion into a different bank account.

For administrators, enabling the multi-bank account credit of salary feature requires attention to detail and accuracy. This includes collecting account numbers and bank names of employees, determining the percentage or amount of their salary that should be deposited into each bank account. Ensure that the total allocated percentage equals 100% of the salary.


To add the employee's bank account details, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to iufdsifbgf.png.

Step 2: Go to iufbsbgf.png.

Step 3: On the 'Employee Pay Details' page, look for the name of the employee, then click on the pencil icon under the 'Actions' column.


Step 4: From the Update pay Information page, click the purple button 'View Details'.


Step 5: Go to 'Pay Information tab'.


Step 6: Look for the Bank Account details section and click on +Add More Bank Account.


Step 7: You will now have a section where you can add the second Bank account of the employee. Choose the Bank name from the drop-down.


Step 8: Add the Account number then click on the words  'Generate Branch Code'. The Branch Code and the Branch name will be populated automatically.


Step 9: Next, consider the amount split. You have two options for splitting the salary:

a. by Amount 

b. by Percentage


If you opt for the fixed amount option (a), you'll need to specify the amount that will be the cap or the limit. Any remaining salary will be automatically deposited into the other bank account.

Example: If the salary is 3,700 and the set cap is 2000, the remaining 1,700 will be automatically credited to the other account.



If you select the percentage option (b), you'll need to specify the percentage of the salary that will be credited to that bank account. The remaining percentage will be deposited into the other account.

Example: If the salary is 3,700 and the set percentage is 75%, 2,775 will be credited to one account, and the remaining 25%, which is 925, will be credited to the other account.



Step 10: Click on Save button hfhfgh.png.

To verify that the bank details and salary will be credited to two separate accounts, you can generate a bank file after processing the pay run. Click on the 'Preview' button to view the bank account details and the corresponding amounts that will be transferred to each account.








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