Why do I get an error when adding the correct NRIC/FIN of the staff?

There are instances when Admins get an error when adding the NRIC/FIN of the staff even though the data is correct. See the sample error message:


There are 2 things that we need to check:

  • Check if the NRIC/FIN is valid using this link: https://samliew.com/singapore-nric-validator
  • Next, make sure that the correct Residency is selected. Staff might be tagged as a foreigner in the Residency field. Kindly update his Residency accordingly:
  1. Click sfbdsfgbdfg.png.
  2. Go to iufgsiopufbsd.png.
  3. Look for the staff name and click the pen icon:                                                                 
  4. Under the Employee Info portion, look for the residency field, select the correct residency status (Citizen or Permanent Resident)
  5. Click on  at the lower-right corner of the page.

Once completed, add in the correct NRIC/FIN on the same page and the system will allow it.

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