Why is the release date under Payrun Summary page blank? Can I manually release it?

If the Released date under Payrun progress page is blank, that means that there’s a Release date set when the payrun was processed

This is how the payrun is conducted when the release date is set automatically:

Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on process_pay.png

Step 3: Look for the new_payrun.pngtab at the top. Complete the necessary details.

Step 4: On the Payslip Release option, click the Selected date after Approval and choose the Release date: 


Step 5: Click on proceed.png

Once you have approved the payrun, go to Payrun Summary page below and it will show no Released Status is empty since you have set a specific Release Date:



If you wish to manually release it, you can click on the ‘Release or Release All’ button and you’ll receive a confirmation message that it has been released, however, the Release status will remain empty or blank.

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