Company Directory

The Company Directory is used to setup the visibility of the employee information and the company organization chart.

In the Company Directory setting, the SuperAdmin or People Administrator can set to limit which employee information is to be displayed in the Employees page in the People module, whether this is visible to ALL employees or only to the staff within the same department. This also includes your preference to show your company’s Organization Chart.
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Steps on How to Configure Company Directory and Organization Chart:

1. From the main menu, go to compdirectory7.jpg , then compdirectory5.jpg .

2. Click the  compdirectory6.jpg  tab.


Company Directory

3. Enable the button if your company allows to show the company directory. This will be the details to be displayed in the Employees page in the People module, whether the employees are allowed to see each other's information or not. This same setting is also followed for the All Contacts page in the mobile app. 


4. Select the visibility level, whether you prefer your employees to view the information of all employees in the company, or only the employees within their own department.


5. Select which specific information you would like to show in the Employees page.


Company Organization Chart

6. On the same page to the right, is the Company Organization Chart setting. Turn the button on if you wish to allow your employees to view the company's Organization Chart.


7. Select whether to show the organization chart of the whole company(all employees), or limit to only show the department level.


End User

This is what an employee can see on his end based on the sample company settings below:


When user logs in to his account, he will be able to access Employees in the People module. The information he can view on this page will be limited to the selected details based on the company directory settings.


On the upper right corner of the page is the compdirectory9.png button, which will also follow the organization chart setting.


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