OED Submission Through APEX (GovTech)


The Occupational Employment Dataset or OED was initiated in 2019 by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), serves as an active database tasked with gathering occupational and employment information from all laborers in Singapore. Every registered enterprise is obligated to furnish MOM with current occupational and employment particulars concerning their workforce. The OED compiles data regarding:

  • Primary job titles and associated responsibilities
  • Employment classifications (full-time or part-time)
  • Work hours and remuneration
  • Workplace location and facility particulars

You can now generate the OED report from the Justlogin system and directly submit to MOM.

If you require this feature, please contact us at support@justlogin.com.

Follow the steps on how to generate the report and do the direct submission.

Step 1: Go to People and click Report.


Step 2: Complete the fields in the OED tab.


Requester Name and Requester Email – is set to the SuperAdmin’s details by default.


Confirm the Company UEN.


Select the month and year you’re submitting for.


You can tick this option if you only need to include all active users. Otherwise, leave it unticked.


Step 3: Click digfdifgfd.png to proceed.

Step 4: System will retrieve the details from the other modules (Attendance and/or Payroll). You also have the option to manually update the information on this page.


You can click shvfljfhsd.png to exclude a user for submission. Once done, click cjbgkdjgbdg.png.

You can export the information by clicking the kdgbdgdfg.png button on the lower left side. This will download an .xls file.

Step 5: If all information has been checked and confirmed to be correct, click kbfldkjbfgdfg.png to submit. 

A pop-up message will show to confirm action.


Click sfvgskfsdf.png to proceed to submit to MOM. Otherwise, select hfhfhfghfhjfhjghj.png to cancel.

NOTE: Make sure all information are correct before submission. All details once submitted cannot be recalled.

Step 6: A pop-up page will open, which will require you to login to SingPass.


You can either scan the QR code (Business user) or login manually.

jdslkjfgb.png  ksdhfgd;jkgbdfg.png

Step 7: Click Yes to approve the permission. Otherwise, select No.


A message will confirm if submission is successful.

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