How to add and assign Designation

Under the Employment Act, all employees must be given a designation title, as well as scope of work and other work-related information.

Designations can be set up in the People Module.

How to create Designations

1. Go to  designation.png , click Company settings.

2. Under the Employee Fields tab, go to the Designation section. Click Add Designation. 


3. Fill in the details, and hit Save.


Do the same steps for additional Designations. 

How to edit/delete Designation

1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Employee Fields -> Designation. 

2. Refer to the icons under the Action column.


  • Edit (pencil icon) - update the Designation Code and/or Designation Name, then hit Update.


  • Delete (x icon) - click icon to delete the Designation. Click to confirm.


How to assign Designation 

1. Log in to your Admin account.

2. Go to  designation9.png .

3. Under  designation10.png , click the name of the staff you want to add a Designation to.


4. Go to the Employment tab, then click Add Designation.


5. Fill in the details, then click Add to save. 


Designation has been updated. 


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