Employee ID Auto Generation

You can now auto-generate the Employee IDs in the system. When enabling this feature, you just need to initially set your preferred employee ID number format, and system would use it as reference to automatically generate the rest of the employee IDs.

Step 1: Go to pspdfnds.png .

Step 2: Click on 1.png .

Step 3: Go to 2.png tab.

Step 4: Tick the “Yes” button in this setting.

3b.png .

Step 5: Key in the employee ID format on this field.


Note: Brackets [ ] are required to indicate the number sequence.

If brackets are missing, you will see this error:


You will also see a guide and and some examples on the page.


If the Employee ID format is invalid, the Preview field will show accordingly:


If the format is correct and accepted by the system, the Preview field will show you the first Employee ID that will be generated:


Step 6: Click on dsfgdgfd.png .

IMPORTANT: If feature is enabled, the Employee ID field both in User Admin and People will be grayed out and not editable.

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