Administration - Leave Actions - Process Documents


Note: This page is for hardcopy received by the Administrator. If a soft copy will suffice need to make changes in the Leave type page see Creating New Leave Type Step#14 "requires submission of hardcopy documents" no need to enable it

Step 1: Click onleave.png

Step 2: Click on admin.png

Step 3: Click on leave_actions.png. You will see this page.


Step 4: Click on 239.png

Step 5: (Optional) You can filter the documents through the different filters such as documents, leave types, grades and range of date.


Step 6: Click on GO.png

Step 7: The system will generate the list based on your search parameter. If the checkbox is empty, it meant that the hard copy of the document for this leave has yet to be received while a checkbox with a tick represents that the administrator had received the document.


Step 8: When the administrator receives the hard copy document, the administrator can check the checkbox and click on the document_received.png button. 

By clicking on this, the staff will no longer receive the reminder from the system. 




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