Why can't I see the No Pay Leave added in the Pay Information/Payrun of the staff?


If you are using both Leave and Payroll modules, it would be quite convenient to have the approved No Pay Leaves included in the deduction column of the staff's Pay Information/Payrun. Below are the items to check if you cannot see the No Pay Leave pay element for the staff.

Step 1: leave.png

Step 2: reports.png

Step 3: leave_query.png

Step 4: Make sure NPL has been filed and approved in Leave. Filter based on Leave Type (No Pay) and the coverage dates. 


Step 5: PAYROLL.png

Step 6: admin.png

Step 7: process_leave_items.png

Step 8: From this page, look for the name of the staff and click on the "disc" icon (rightmost) to transfer it to the staff's pay information.


Step 9: Go to the staff's pay information and you should see the pay element No Pay under the deductions column


Step 10: Once the No Pay pay element has been added to the staff's pay information, you can go ahead and process payrun as normal.

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