What are the things to consider to make sure that system prorates the basic salary?


The system bases its proration on the total number of working days in a month and the number of days the employee worked. 

Things to check to make sure that the system prorates the salary of staff at the point of joining the company or when the staff resigns:


A) Work Week - Please make sure that the correct workweek is assigned to the staff. To do so, please  follow the steps below:
Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png
Step 2: Click on admin.png
Step 3: Search for the name of the employee and click on the pencil_icon.pngicon.
Step 4: You will be brought to that staff's Pay Information page. Please click on view_details.pngbutton.
Step 5: Under the employee_info.pngtab, scroll down and look for the work week field
Step 6: Assign the correct workweek, then click save.png

Note: Prorated basic salary formula is Basic Pay / Number of working days in a month * Number of days the employee worked. So it is important that the workweek of the employee is correctly assigned.


B) Basic Pay (Pay Element) - This can be checked inside Employee Pay Information under Additions.

Step 1: Make sure the Basic Pay in the box is BasicPay (one word) as this is a syntax and will pick up the data from Salary Progression page 


Step 2: Also click the pay element settings.

It will open the Pay Element Details. On the Criteria field, make sure that Prorated option is ticked. You may hover your mouse pointer to the ? to see the meaning.


C) Joined Date or Cessation date - Please make sure that the correct Joined Date and/or Cessation Dates of the staff are in the system. This will be used as a basis for the prorated calculation as well.


D) Salary Progression page - Please ensure that there are no overlapping dates for the salary progression of the staff. This will cause the system to miscalculate the proration. If there are overlapping dates or several lines with the same effective dates, please delete, and then add the salary progression of the staff again. This can be seen by following the steps below:
Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png
Step 2: Click on admin.png
Step 3: Look for the salary_progression.pngtab at the top
Step 4: Search for the name of the staff and then click on the eye.pngicon to view the details
In the image shown below, there are overlapping Effective Dates:
This will cause the proration to be inaccurate.
To delete double entries or overlapping effective dates, click on the x_button.pngbutton under the Actions column and then add in the correct entry if necessary.

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