What report to generate to countercheck IR8A details of staff


The Payroll Yearly Report by Employee (# 14) can be used/generated to check on the details that are included in the IR8A form. This report can be generated in an Excel format if you are generating for up to 19 users. However, if you are generating for more than 19 users, the system will automatically generate the report in a PDF format and will allow you to download it.


Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 3: Click on reports.png

Step 4: Select 321.png

Step 5: Please indicate the year and you can also filter based on "All Departments" or a specific department only


Step 6: Click on GO.png Once you do so, you will see the list of staff in your system. Put a tick beside the name/s of the staff you would like to generate the report for.

Step 7: Then click on mceclip0.png



  • If you have chosen more than 20 users, the system will automatically generate the report in PDF format and you will see this page: 


You can then download the PDF copy by clicking on the mceclip9.pngicon under the Action column.


  • If you have chosen less than 19 users to generate the report for, You will then see the report generated for the users you have chosen. To export the report, please click on the mceclip6.pngicon in the upper left area of the report.

    A pop-up window will appear:


Choose the file format you want from the drop-down and please make sure you choose "All Pages". After, click on the Export button.

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