Administration - Attendance Record

The administrator can use the Attendance Record to make sure that all the working time of the staff is correct and then approve the Attendance Record.

Fetching Single User Attendance Record

Step 1: Click on Administration under Attendance

Step 2: Click on mceclip5.png

Step 3: Select the query of either Single User or All Users


a. Single User allows you to see the Attendance Record of a single staff for the entire month or a custom date range


b. All Users option allows you to see the Attendance Record of all users for a particular day.

Step 4: Select the staff concerned in the user field:


Step 5: Select the month you want to see.


Step 6: Click on mceclip4.png

The system will generate the attendance record of the staff

Step 7: (Optional) As the administrator, you can change the Clock-in and Clock-out fields.

Step 8: Click on the at the bottom of the page to see the total

Step 9: If you want to approve the attendance record for the whole month, you can click on the checkbox at the top as indicated in the arrow below. Alternatively, you can click on the checkbox on those dates you want to approve.



Step 10: Click on the 



Undo Approval 

If you made any error, you can still undo the approval as long as the data is not yet transferred into the Payroll module. To undo the approval please follow the steps below: 


Step 1: Select the date that you want to undo the approval.

Step 2: Click on the  button

Step 3: Amend the information.

Step 4: Click on the  

Step 5: Select that date again and then click on the 


Fetching All Users Attendance Record

All Users Attendance Record is used to fetch all the users' attendance records for one specific day. Administrators may use this if they want to update all.


Step 1: Click on Administration under Attendance.

Step 2: Click on mceclip6.png

Step 3: Select the query All Users.


Step 4: Select All Users.

Step 5: Select the date 

Step 6: Click on themceclip4.png button. The Attendance Record for all the staff for that day will appear. Update as required.


Step 7: Click on the button to save changes. 

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