Roster - Manage Roster [Express]

Roster allows you to see the roster assigned to each of the staff.

View Roster

Step 1: Log in to the account

Step 2: Click on Picture1.png

Step 3: Go to Picture2.png The first page you will see is the Manage Roster page.

Step 4: You will see the following screen where it will show you the staff and their assigned working time.


Step 5: You can filter the roster based on the user by entering the name of the employee in 


Step 6: To view the roster based on Shift name instead of time, click on the radio button beside Name


Change Roster

Often, in business operation, you might need to do some last-minute manpower swapping. You can do this easily on the Manage Roster page 

Step 1: Look for the name of the staff and the day you want to make the change. Click on the day, and the following pop-up screen will appear.


  1. Working Day - You can change the day from Working Day to Off Day, Rest Day, Leave, Leave (AM) and Leave (PM).
  2. Shift Name - You can choose a different shift that you would like the staff to follow for the specific day
  3. Start Time – You can indicate the Start time in this field
  4. End Time - You can indicate the End time of the shift in this field
  5. Break Time - You can indicate the number of minutes of break time

Step 4: Click on to save the changes


Additional configurations that can be enabled for Attendance Roster are:

1) Split Shift on Roster (link to the guide:

2) Site Assignment on Roster (link to the guide:

3) Roster Notification (link to the guide:

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