How to Verify if the Geofencing Alert is Valid


This guide will help you confirm if the Verification Alert is valid. First, please check the permitted geofence radius set in your company. See link:

In this scenario, let us take the geofence radius is set to 150 meters only.


Once a staff clocks in/out outside of the geofence radius set in your system, you as the administrator will receive a notification like the one below:


To verify the location of the staff, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to mceclip1.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip2.png

Step 3: Look for the mceclip3.png tab at the top

Step 4: Get the location address and copy it.  In this case, it is 930 Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore


Step 5: Open in a tab or browser and type in the location address in Step 4

Once you have it, kindly copy the coordinates from the URL.


Step 6: Please open this link in a new tab or browser:

Input the coordinates found in Step#5 at Point 1: 1.42959 and 103.8335807 like in the screenshot below:


Step 7: Get the coordinates of the Staff's clocking information from mceclip5.png then click themceclip4.png tab

Step 8: Filter the information by choosing the exact date and specific Employee and click mceclip5.png

Step 9: Right-click on the map. In the example we have, this is the location of the staff at the point of clocking out


Step 10: It will open in a new tab a map and get the coordinates in the URL.

In this case: 1.42799081,103.836199

Step 11: Go back to the tab or browser in Step 6, input the coordinates in Step 10 at Point #2.

It will show the total distance. In this scenario, the distance is 3km, and it's beyond 150m, therefore the alert is valid.


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