How to Set Timesheet Reminder


If you have enabled the option for the staff to submit their timesheet for approval, you can also set up the reminder to be sent to the staff as well as the different approval levels. To do so, please check out the following steps:


PART 1 - Setting up the approval workflow

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Go to 35.png

Step 3: Click on 49.png

Step 4: Look for the 50.pngtab at the top

Step 5: Scroll down and look for the 51.pngsection

Step 6: Put a tick on the 2 options that you see below: (This will enable the staff to submit their timesheet for approval)


Step 7: Click on 53.pngto save your settings.

PART 2 - Setting up the reminder

Step 1: Go to 35.png

Step 2: Click on 49.png

Step 3: Select the 54.pngtab at the top

Step 4: Click on the55.pngsub-tab

Step 5: Set the number of days before the reminder will be sent: (Note that this is for the staff reminder)


Step 6: Tick the box beside “CC admin” if you’d like the Admin to receive the reminder as well


Step 7: Click on mceclip10.pngto save your settings.

NOTE: Please do the same steps for each approval level in your workflow. For Approving Officers and Processing officers, the reminder notification will be sent after a certain number of days that the timesheet is pending for approval


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