Shift Allowance Guide


This is a step-by-step guide on how the Shift Allowance feature works. This will cover the entire process on the actual workflow to be done by the Admin. 

Should you require this feature, please contact to get this added to your account.

Part 1: Creating Shifts, Assigning Shifts Created and Creating Pay Elements

A. Creating Shifts: Please refer to this guide:

B. Assigning Shifts: Please refer to this guide: 

C. Creating Pay Elements (Optional) -- this can be skipped if you are using existing pay elements to map the shift allowance. To create, please refer to this guide: 

Part 2: Setting up Shift Allowance

Step 1: Once feature has been added to the account, go to 35.png .

Step 2: Click on 36.png .

Step 3: Look for the 37.png tab. You will see all created shifts on the account. Tick the box under the "Is Active" column of whichever shift you want to assign the specific allowance for.


Step 5: Once you put a tick in the "Is Active" column, the fields "Rate/Formula" and "Pay Elements" will be enabled.

Step 6: Indicate the rate or formula into the appropriate field and map the shift to a specific pay element from the Payroll module.

Step 7: Click the mceclip4.pngbutton to save your settings.


  1. ShiftID and Shift Name are based on the Shift Setup.
  2. If ‘Is Active’ is ticked, the administrator is required to enter Rate/Formula and map the Pay Element.
  3. If ‘Is Active is unticked, the Rate/Formula and Pay Element fields will be disabled.
  4. The formula defined on this page will override the pay element formula set in Payroll (if any).
  5. Only Allowance type Pay Elements will be listed in the dropdown list.

Part 3: Transferring to Payroll

Once everything has been set up, all staff assigned to that particular shift will be credited the allowance assigned to that shift. To process the data from the Attendance module to Payroll, please follow the steps below:

A. On the Attendance module

Step 1: Go to 35.png

Step 2: Click on 39.png

Step 3: Look for the 40.pngtab at the top. This is where you can see the list of staff who are assigned to different shift allowances. 

You can indicate the period of coverage in this field:


Step 4: Click on mceclip8.png

Step 5: Please verify the data indicated. Once verified, put a tick beside the names of the staff that you would like to transfer the data into payroll.

Step 6: Click on mceclip9.png

B. On the Payroll Module

Step 1: Go to 42.png

Step 2: Click on43.png

Step 3: Look for the 44.pngtab at the top

Step 4: You may use the filters to choose the month and year


Step 5: Put a tick beside the names of the staff and then click on 46.png


Step 6: Verify if Pay Element and amount are added to employee’s Pay information page



  1. Records transferred from Attendance will reflect under ‘Pending’ status first.
  2. The amount is computed based on the formula defined in the Shift Allowance setup.
  3. The system will automatically add the Pay elements to the respective employees’ Pay Information page upon clicking on ‘Approve’.
  4. Any subsequent changes are to be done directly on the employee’s Pay Information page.
  5. Once the records are approved, it will be removed from the Pending list and will reflect under Processed.
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