Administration - Transfer to Payroll

If your company subscribe to Payroll, you may transfer all the Overtime calculation over to the Payroll module.

Transfer to Payroll

Step 1: Click on Administration under Attendance

Step 2: Click on 

Step 3: Select the period 

Step 4: (Optional) Select the Client/Location/Project 

Step 5: Click on . The system will pull out all the attendance records that you have approved.

 Step 6: Select those that you want to transfer to Payroll

Step 7: Click on 


Extracting the information in Payroll

After you have done the required transfer of the OT information to Payroll, you need to populate that information into the respective OT fields in Payroll.


Step 1: Click on Payrun under Payroll

Step 2: Click on . This page does not allow you to edit the timing. 


 Step 3: Check the staff on which you want to transfer the OT to and then click on . Alternatively, you may click on the  to transfer the OT of all the staff.


Step 4: Click on the 

Step 5: (Optional) Edit the timing of the staff(s) if required

Step 6: Select the staff(s) that you want to transfer the OT information to the pay by selecting them and then click on . Alternatively, you may click on the  to update the OT of all the staff.




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