Why does new staff can’t apply No Pay Leave

Normally, new hires should be able to apply for No Pay Leave though they haven’t spent specific months of service with the company, e.g. 3 months.

In case they would receive an error message that they need to have at least 3 months of service at the leave date, the No Pay Leave setting needs to be updated.


Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to the account

Step 2: Click on leave.png

Step 3: Go to configuration.png

Step 4: Click on leave_typess.png

Step 5: Search for the "No Pay" leave type and click on pencil_icon.png under the Actions column. This will bring you to the individual leave setting.

Make sure 'Applicable x months after Join Date' is set to 0.


NOTE: Leave 126.png as ticked. This way, the system would recognize it as unpaid leave when required to be transferred to Payroll.

Step 7: Click on save.png.

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