Financial Year Leave Entitlement


The guide below will show you how to configure, as well as what to expect in the reports, leave balance transfer and entitlement and details page.  

NOTE: For a complete guide to configuring the Leave module, kindly click on this: Leave Configuration Guide

To Configure: 

Once this function is enabled, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Login to the account 

Step 2: Click on leave.png

Step 3: Go to configuration.png

Step 4: Under Company Settings Tab, look for the Annual Leave Policy Setup: 


Step 5: Choose “Financial Year” from the drop-down options 


Step 6: Indicate the beginning of your company’s financial year into the appropriate fields: 


Step 7: Click on mceclip5.png to save the changes made. 


Changes to Expect Once Financial Year has been Configured:

On Entitlement and Details Page:


  1. Year Field – will display the year covering the current financial year. You will be able to toggle between different financial years.
  2. As at Date – will display the beginning of the financial year. This will be shown on all users
  3. Adjustment Column – any adjustment (credit/debit) made, or a transfer of leave balance has been done, the values will be displayed into this column

On Transfer Leave Balance Page


  1. In the Importance Notice Section, the date indicated will show the end of the financial year. The automatic balance transfer will happen by this date.
  2. Leave balance transfer from to dates will indicate the coverage of the current to the incoming financial year

On Reports Page

Leave Balance Report


  1. Year Field will show the current financial year
  2. Base on At column – will show the beginning of the financial year

Leave Balance Report View:


Formula for the “Balance as at” column:

Earned leave as at (D) + Adjustment (Available)(E) – Leave Approved (F) = Balance As At

NOTE: Balance displayed takes into consideration the entitlement of the staff for the financial year indicated plus any leaves credited for the financial year


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