What is the difference of Per Annum and Per Incident?

This guide will help you understand the difference between Per Annum and Per Incident setting in the Leave Types page. This is found when you are creating a new Leave Type found here in Step#10.

It was mentioned in the article:

  1. Per annum – staff will have the entitlement days for the whole year
  2. Per incident – staff will be able to use the entitlement days for every leave application

When doing an Adjustment, the Administrator can only choose Leave Types that are tagged as "per annum". No adjustments can be done for "per incident" leave types. Please change this at the Leave Type page if you will use it to do an adjustment.

Per Incident is not based on yearly entitlement which is why it cannot be found under the Entitlement and Details page. The entitlement indicated for per-incident leave types signifies they can file a leave up to a maximum of x days PER leave application.


The leave type below has an entitlement of 5 days. This means the staff can apply up to a maximum of 5 days PER application. If the staff needs to apply for more than 5 days, the application needs to be done in two batches. 


In relation to Block Leave, Administrators cannot do a block leave for that leave type for more than the maximum number of days. An error message will be displayed: "You do not have enough leave balance to cover the period applied." Based on the screenshot above, it has to be a maximum of 5 days. If more than 5 days are needed, two separate block leaves for that leave type need to be done. 

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