Different Ways To Approve Leave


There are three different ways a RO/AO can approve a leave: through email, web (browser), and mobile app. This article will show and give details for each.

Approving via Email

NOTE: This will only be available if the administrator has enabled the setting to approve leaves via email

Step 1: Once the RO/AO receives the email (please refer to the image below), they can approve or reject it accordingly.



Note: If the Approve or Reject buttons do not work, please click "HERE" found at the bottom of the email as an alternative link.


Approving via Browser

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: From the Leave Dashboard, click on view_pending_actions.png


Step 3: You can click on the Approve or Reject buttons in the right side of your screen.



Approving via Mobile Application

Step 1: A notification will be sent through the mobile (You must set Push Notifications to “Allow”, for the notifications to appear)



Step 2: Open the JustLogin Mobile Application and click the bell on the upper right corner, the red signifies the notification.


Step 3: Click the notification received


Step 4: Approve or Reject the Leave accordingly




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