How Does Group Admin submit Employee Timesheet


This guide will show how group administrators can submit the timesheet of the staff assigned to their Group. The group administrators can also submit the timesheet of the staff that includes a future date. Staff or normal users will not be able to do the same on their end.


Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Click on mceclip0.png and go to the mceclip1.png section

Step 3: Once in the Administration page click the  mceclip2.png tab

Step 4: Choose the name of the staff in the drop-down list  mceclip3.png

Step 5: Choose the period OR customize the date. Note: Should be within a month, 31 days maximum.


Step 6: Choose the Approving Officer mceclip5.png

If you have two levels of approval, it will also show the Processing Officer field, who will be the final approver. mceclip6.png

Step 6: Click mceclip7.png

Step 7: It will display the staff's clock in and clock out data as well as the shift name.

Note: You can amend the Shift Name, Clock In/Out, and add Remarks on this page. Any changes in the Shift Name will automatically change the Work Time. 


Step 8: Once finalized, click on mceclip9.pngand the timesheet will follow the Approving Flow: Approving Officer (if you have) then to Processing Officer. 

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