Reminder - X Days before Leave Expiry


Leave administrators can enable a setting to remind employees via email of any leaves that are about to expire. This applies to all leaves with expiration dates (Transferred Leave, Off In Lieu, Adjustment).


Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to leave.png .

Step 3: Click on configuration.png .

Step 4: Under Company Settings, scroll down and look for advanced_settings.png .

Step 5: Enable “Send email reminders” option, and set the number of days. 


An email notification will be sent to the corresponding staff, X days prior to the leave expiry.


  • The admin can choose to send the email from 1 to a maximum of 30 days prior to the leave expiry date.
  •  If there are multiple leaves expiring on the same day, it will be collated into one single mail.



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