How does Sick Leave and Hospitalization Leave work when it comes to entitlement, opening balance and adjustment?


JustLogin makes sure that we follow the entitlement policy and accruals of the entitlement policy of MOM. As such, Sick Leave and Hospitalization leave types are now part of the Statutory leave types seen in the Leave types page.


Step 1: Head over to leave.png

Step 2: Choose configuration.png

Step 3: Click on leave_typess.png tab at the top

Step 4: On the upper right area, you will see the link: system_leave_types.png Click on it.


Step 5: When you click on the System Leave Types Settings Link, a pop-up window will appear. Put a tick on the Sick and Hospitalisation leave types to enable


What happens to the entitlement, opening balance, and adjustment?

The entitlement will show as how it is set under the Leave type page.


On the opening balance, it will show 0 instead.


The reason why is that the entitlement will automatically be earned every month through an automatic adjustment.

If you go to Administration >> Adjustments >> View Adjustment History page, you will see the history of adjustments done automatically by the system.


When do we expect this auto adjustment in the system?

On the example above, the employee Leroy’s joined date is on the 24th of April 2020. Thus, the employee will earn a balance for Sick and Hospitalisation leave types every 24th of the month from 1st month until the last month of the year. In other words, the system follows the day of when the employee joined the company within the year.


  • This only affects new employees who joined the organization within the current year and is only available via the Express Interface.
  • If a staff has utilized all of their Sick Leave balance, any Sick Leave application will then be taken out of their Hospitalization Leave credits. The staff will see a notification similar to the image shown below:




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