Roster - Shift Setup

In Attendance, you can create and allocate the shifts to the staff to reflect their actual working time. 

Create New Shift

Step 1: Click on Roster under Attendance

Step 2: Click on Picture30.png

Step 3: Click on Picture31.png

Step 4: Provide a Shift ID in 


Step 5: Provide a Shift Name in 


Step 6: Put in the date where the shift will start in


Step 7: Put the number of days per shift (going up to 49 days) in the 


Step 8: State the number of hours per day the staff must fulfill


Step 9: State the number of hours for a half-day the staff must fulfill


Step 10: Configure the start time and end time for each day of the week. Note you must at least a Rest Day. Or else the system would not know when to stop. Incidentally, in accord with MOM regulation, you need to provide at least 1 day of rest.


Step 11: Click on Picture41.png and you see that the system will calculate thePicture46.png for you.

Step 12: Click on Picture43.png to save the shift.


Editing Shift

We can edit existing shifts. 

Step 1: Click on Roster under Attendance

Step 2: Click on Picture44.png

Step 3: Click on Picture45.png button to preview the shift information


Step 4: To collapse the view, click on the Picture48.pngbutton.

Step 5: Unassigned the shift from any staff before editing

Step 6: Click on the Edit Picture49.png icon to edit

Step 7: Click on  Picture43.png once the modification is completed.


Step 8: Note that when you edit a roster, the system will automatically deactivate the roster. Click on the Picture50.png to re-activate the roster.






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